Premium Tech Accessories | Donkervoort x Alcanside Collection


At Donkervoort, we are known for our high level of customization, and now we're taking this a step up. From the interior of your car to your premium tech accessories, we're excited about our collaboration with Alcanside, fueled by our shared passion for customization, style, and, of course, Alcantara.

Together with Alcanside, we have created a unique collection that resonates with the spirit of both brands. Step into a world where luxurious style meets casual design and functionality. The Donkervoort x Alcanside Collection offers an exclusive range of premium Alcantara cases for your tech essentials and launches with iPhone and AirPods cases and a MagSafe Wallet. These come in various colours, featuring either the Donkervoort logo or the F22 logo for you to choose from.

iPhone - Ocean Blue

Available colours

iPhone - Midnight Green

Available colours

Donkervoort F22 Spa Limited Edition Spa Circuit Alcantara Case - Nardo Gray.png__PID:46798c10-064e-4e2b-b122-68fb3b962dd5
iPhone - Nardo Grey

Limited Editions

Since we’re talking about customization, we have created 4 limited editions for you to choose from. These showcase our Donkervoort F22 at the legendary F1 Tracks of Spa or Zandvoort on the back of your iPhone case. Additionally, we've added a D8 GTO-version touring through the mountains. Carry the dream with you or gift it to the ultimate car enthusiast.

Donkervoort F22 Zandvoort 2 Limited Edition Zandvoort Circuit Alcantara Case - Ocean Blue.png__PID:98cd8d48-335b-4273-9b0b-49cf13e82433
iPhone - Ocean Blue
Donkervoort F22 Zandvoort 1 Limited Edition Zandvoort Circuit Alcantara Case - Midnight Green.png__PID:8c2587aa-41c4-4f12-b4dc-bfd82bfc54e5
iPhone - Midnight Green
Donkervoort GTO Limited Edition Alcantara Case - Red.png__PID:87aa41c4-ff12-44dc-bfd8-2bfc54e59231
iPhone - Red
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What is Alcantara

‘’Material. Touch. Versatility. Technology. Invention. Made in Italy. Sustainability. Lifestyle. Art. Fashion. Luxury. Research.’’

These keywords describe Alcantara’s multi-faceted universe, capable of dressing both your Donkervoort's interior and your Premium Tech Accessories with a uniqueness that is simply unparalleled.

Donkervoort F22 MagSafe Wallet - Nardo Gray.png__PID:79114ce5-240f-4489-965c-dc21c39f00ae
Alcantara Magsafe Wallet - Nardo Grey
AirPods Donkervoort - Red.png__PID:6375c1e9-6569-4c97-96f5-796e6731161d
AirPods Pro Alcantara Case - Red
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Colours can vary when new colours are available, and [the images of] the limited editions will change over time. We’re hoping to add more Alcantara items and types of cases to our Donkervoort x Alcanside collection soon!