Donkervoort x Bell F22 Race Helmet

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Introducing the Donkervoort F22 Race Helmet, a collaboration between Bell and Donkervoort. This helmet isn't just protective gear—it's a statement of style and commitment to quality.

Key Features:

- Custom F22 Paintwork: Match and enhance your F22's color.
- Mirror Visor & Emblem: Integrated mirrored visor with the Donkervoort seal.
- Personalized Interior: Designed to resonate with racers.
- Bell's Protective Casing: Premium protective bag for the helmet.
- Made in the UAE Bell Factory: Authenticity and excellence.


Additional Highlights:

- Ultra-Lightweight: Enhances performance and comfort.
- Limited Edition: Tied to your unique F22.
- Endorsements: Trusted by elite F1 drivers.
- Bell X Donkervoort Collaboration: A distinctive partnership in racing gear.
- Bell's Hand Paintwork: Authenticity with no reliance on external painters.
- Display Versatility: Suitable for racing or as a decor piece.

Optionally, the helmet integrates a ZeroNoise Communication System for clear, uninterrupted communication with your team.